GEA and Associates LLC was incorporated in 2004 to provide highly specialized, niche consulting services to vendor supply companies in the Broadcast and Media Technology market sector. Since then, GEA has provided professional consulting to these companies to aid them in growing revenues……but growing them as a result of a well thought out, fiscally aware, well executed, business strategy and plan, with a heavy emphasis on the financial side of sales. A major focus is placed on spending money effectively and wisely.

Over the past 16 years we have assisted many companies in dramatically accelerating their sales by concentrating, as a partner with them, on a wide variety of revenue expanding areas. A few examples are:

  • Companies always need to expand into new geographic markets. It’s risky! They need a real, in-depth understanding of these sectors of the market… far beyond just the usual industry conventional wisdom, trade show floor chatting, “guesstimations on the back of a cocktail napkin”, and hearsay. We provide an unvarnished understanding of certain geographic parts of the market….. i.e., segments and size, economic health, CapEx availability, GDP growth rates, local sales biases, tariffs and duties, etc. What you need to know to penetrate a new market area wisely!
  • Companies often harbor lingering doubts about their distribution channels. Am I getting 100% out of my resellers? Companies will increase sales by re-examining and “fine tuning” their current distribution systems, as necessary. Resellers can be very important, but sometimes are at “arm’s length” with a vendor supplier. A working business partnership must be developed and nurtured for mutual success with all direct and secondary distribution channels.
  • The business plan is the annual road map to achieving excellent sales performance. Where are we going as a company? Preparing the sales/revenues portion of the company’s business plan…. that’s what we do,….taking the “guess work” out of the plan…..using actual historical data, and incorporating important concepts, such as, sales seasonality, positive or negative trends, sales ratios and outliers, etc. We present the plan to the Board of Directors/banks/investors with detailed, thorough explanations.

GEA has professional affiliations, and maintains active participation, with the Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning (IBF), St. John’s University, NY, and the International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers (IABM), London, UK.,

Call and inquire! We look forward to working with you!