Current Newsletters

These are a series of contemporary 2017-2018 Newsletters describing the state of the supply side of our Broadcast and Media Technology markets today, as we see them. A heavy emphasis on the financial side of things, with a stress on what needs to change to improve our profitability. A perspective you’re not going to see anywhere else. No spin, no fluff, just the truth as we see it. Ask and I’ll send them to you. Call 908 223-7939 or e-mail at  The list grows each month!

  • 2017 NL#1
  • 2017 NL#2
  • 2017-2018 NL#3
  • 2017-2018 NL#4
  • 2017-2018 NL#5

Highly Informative Briefings

Some specialized documents showing you how you can make some changes to your Sales Operations to stimulate and improve your current state of affairs in sales and selling. Ask and I’ll send them to you. Call 908 223-7939 or e-mail at

  • Challenges_V1.8: If you’re ready to make changes, a Word document explaining cost effective things your can do.
  • Rejuvenating Sales_2018_v1.2: A PP presentation to stimulate your thinking, e.g., “Where am I in this puzzle? Does this work for me”?

Forecasting Techniques

Over the past 16 years, GEA has developed a series of useful forecasting papers to help you do your planning, beyond just “back of the envelope” estimations and “top down” proclamations. Use them to put some reality into your forecasts. Call 908 223-7939 or e-mail at

  • Best-In-Class Revenue Planning: Questions? How to do your annual sales plan if you’re not sure you’re doing it correctly right now.
  • Detailed Seasonality Analysis: Puzzled? Every supply company in this industry has monthly sales “ups and downs”. Take the guesswork out. Figure out from your sales history what yours are.
  • Forecasting & Seasonality: Using the Seasonality Analysis you’ve just done, figure out next year’s sales by month.