Business Planning

The old axiom: “Plan your business and make your plan.”

No guess work! We’ll prepare monthly revenue projections based on a number of parameters. Your past monthly/yearly sales history, your actual record of monthly seasonality (the monthly “ups” and “downs” every company experiences), what are your current positive and/or negative trends (legitimate trend line analyses by territory, product lines, etc.), quarterly projections and previous forecasting accuracy. We’ll spot revenue shortfalls before they become big problems.


  • First……. we’ll take a look back…including as much as a 5 year sales history, where you’ve come from, characteristics of historical sales, seasonality, outliers(??) and other unusual events, positive trends, declining trends and trend lines, how fast are things growing or declining, how accurate were the previous plans (MAPE).


  • A concentrated look forward…..why will things be different in the new year, new products, new markets, monthly, quarterly & total F/Y business plan projections……GEA does the analysis, you make the final decisions based on true historical facts.


Microsoft Word - Web-Business Plan.docx
  • A formal presentation for the Board of Directors and/or investors. – We’ll take the business plan to your equity investors, banks and your Board of Directors, a comprehensive presentation on how the “numbers“ were arrived at, the real numbers! Show them first-hand how actual performance is going to be tracked during the fiscal year. No surprises are coming in the new fiscal year!

Work The Plan:

  • As the F/Y progresses, how well is it working? Periodic monthly & quarterly performance checks against the forecast, adjustments, corrective actions needed. Making sure it’s working. Staying on the plan.

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