GEA: Major Consulting Successes

GEA has a long-standing record of successfully assisting client companies in revising and updating their overall sales operations, both domestic and international, to streamline operations, and to achieve higher level sales targets, within operating expense budgets set at a fiscally responsible and profitable level. Sales … but profitable sales!

No sales plan! Established the Company’s first full F/Y dealer sales plan: sales by month, with accountability …. method of tracking actual performance versus the monthly/quarterly revenue plan.

Company to be sold! Revised the complete company marketing/product distribution plan to re-position the company for sale to private investors. Company successfully sold.

“… and that is to thank you for the strategic insights and direction you gave nNovia in our sales forecasting and marketing plans for 2008/2009. With your help, we feel much more confident in being adaptive and meeting the challenges of this new economy.”
Harn Soper, V.P. Business Development, nNovia, Inc.

Reorganize the reseller program! Long term project of re-setting the entire dealer program for the Americas. Dealer agreements, territories, discounts, demo program, quotas and accountability.

“… you are a precious commodity in this crazy industry and we will always look very forward to any and all of your updates.”
Vicki Chaffee, General Manager – Sales & Marketing, IDX System Technology, Inc.

Restructure domestic and international sales program! Another long-term project to reorganize all aspects of the global sales programs.

“…you have helped us immeasurably and for that I am forever indebted. Today, thanks to your expertise, we are a better and stronger company.”
Tim Carroll, President and CEO, Linear Acoustic Inc.

Quote the CEO, “You must change us from a technology driven company to a sales-driven company.” Complete restructuring of the existing sales department-hiring, sales plan, Job Descriptions, compensation plans, territories, reseller program, etc. for domestic and international.

“Thanks George and have a Merry Christmas. You have been a great mentor to us this year!”
Anthony Cuomo, President, Telemetrics Inc.

Budgeting! Must be competitive! What should S&M budgets be to compete effectively in a highly volatile and rapidly expanding “high velocity” IP infrastructure market?
Sales Channels? Long standing, iconic audio companies that had lost their way in their reseller program. A major project, including dealing with significant cultural changes. Got this 100% corrected!

Non-Disclosure Protected Projects

Additional projects have been completed for various clients, which were performed under long term Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA). Therefore, since the time limitations of these NDAs are still in effect, client identities cannot be disclosed. Below is a synopsis of some of these typical projects.

Company BH: Due Diligence project. An India based client was rapidly developing software expertise in broadcast technology, and was considering expanding into the terrestrial digital datacasting market, specifically in North America.

Completed a due diligence assignment identifying the current state of the datacasting market, competitive considerations, technology shortcomings in the existing market, companies to be considered for acquisition in the datacasting segment, estimated 3 year revenue projections and startup costs.

Company SR: Marketing Approach. A Virginia based research company, in the broadcast space, was considering proposing on the implementation of a statewide Emergency Alert System, to be implemented for all PBS stations within the State of New York.

GEA completed a study of the key players within New York for the client company to contact, and the current equipment deployed within those PBS stations. GEA also identified budgets available, system implementation timing and the marketing plan to enable the client to make the necessary penetration to become the successful vendor of choice.

Company TC: New Market Expansion? A Massachusetts based supplier of fiber optic transmission devices.

GEA provided some early stage market size information to assist this company to apply their overall product line into the mobile ENG/EFP van and production truck market segment.