Reseller Programs

A lot of improvements, to increase sales, can be made in the typical vendor’s reseller programs. A typical program we can conduct is the five step Reseller Regeneration Program. It uncovers actions your company should take to enhance today’s working relationship between you and your domestic and international resellers. Improving these relationships will get your resellers more firmly “on your side”, and increased sales for both companies will result.

STEP 1: First, a short meeting, phone call, SKYPE session, FaceTime session etc, will take place to determine what we will be doing during the program, and get you totally committed to it. Your complete commitment is required to make this program successful.

STEP 2: Some initial documents will be exchanged.

a. If you desire, we will execute an NDA. Certainly some of your company’s proprietary information will be disclosed to GEA and Associates (GEA) during the Regeneration Program.

b. A list of your current resellers (dealers, distributors, System Integrators, value added partners etc.) will be submitted to GEA.

c. You will be asked to complete a Reseller Review Questionnaire.

STEP 3: A one day session will be conducted at your site. Attendees should include all sales department personnel involved with reseller appointment and sales/sales support. In most cases, some part time involvement in the session will be required by the CFO, or his/her designee from the finance department.

This will open a lot of eyes….will open new opportunities for improving your sales! An extensive program, looking into all the corners of your domestic and international reseller operations. We’ll dig deep!! New information and ideas are always revealed!!

  • Your Domestic Resellers:
    • Dealers/Distributors: agreements, franchising/re-franchising/terminations, duration, quotas, measuring performance, % completion, exclusivity, pricing and price lists, discounts, 80/20 rule, looking at the 80%—what’s going wrong, talking to them, lost sales, geography—what’s not working and why, multiple dealerships, pipelines and forecasting—methods and accuracy, dealer training, demo equipment, stocking dealers, lead follow up……
    • System Integrators: Your performance expectations versus theirs, discounts and allowances, order protection, long lead time sales, cannibalizing or protecting their quotes, special forecasting requirements.
  • Your International Resellers:
    • Business partners (really??), exclusivity/geography, communicating, sales expectations, long lead sales, terms of shipment, measuring performance, payments and pre-payments, demo equipment, local biases, unique international areas…e.g., Latin America, India, Eastern Europe

STEP 4: Within 7 days of the completion of STEP 3, GEA will submit a report to you summarizing the results of that STEP, and presenting recommendations for further action on your part. The recommendations will include, but not be limited to:

a. Actions you should take immediately, with your reseller network, including timelines for completion.

b. In conjunction with GEA, actions you should take with your reseller network, including timelines as appropriate. If it determined that your company and GEA will continue this reseller review program, GEA will submit a formal proposal on how to proceed beyond STEP 4.

STEP 5: If we mutually agree on STEP 4 (b), we will proceed IAW the proposal. In most cases the complete program utilizing GEA can be accomplished within 90 days, but continuing follow up with reseller sales performance will be required by your sales and finance departments. With proper attention your reseller sales will continue to grow.

Think about your resellers: When they win, you win!!

Call and inquire! We look forward to working with you!